Monday, May 24, 2010

Two Moons

Strange dreams....I have them ALL THE TIME!!! As a matter if fact if I go one week without having some kind of dream then I consider something to be very wrong. My dreams are so vivid seem so REAL to me when I'm having them that I often look forwared to going to sleep at night just to see where I can. And believe me I can end up anywhere in my dreams. Most nights I stay on Earth but even then dream Earth doesn't always follow the laws of physics as we know them. Here is a recap of last night's dream, as much of it as I remember anyway.

"I was at my home but it wasn't just my home anymore. It was almost like a boarding house or a hotel and all kinds of strangers were staying there. People were milling around; there was the usual noisy clutter that happens when lots of people are socializing. I went outside and looked up at the night sky. I noticed that there were 2 moons in the night sky, 2 moons and a sun. The sun was not bright and the only way I knew that it was a sun was intuitively. There were stars that were visible in the sky but I noticed that the stars were in the wrong place and that they were really bright. As soon as I saw this I knew something was out of order. It didn't feel necessarily wrong but it did feel like there was some kind of wrongness about the celestial bodies position in the night sky. I also immediately noticed that I obviously wasn't the only one who noticed this. Some of the people in the group noticed it as well and they were talking excitedly about it. There was a definite mood of excitement in the air. I decided to go back inside and work this event out in my own mind, alone. I began walking backward through the door, so as to never take my eyes off of the sky. As I was walking backward I bumped into a man. I must have said something to him about the sky because he commented back and said something that was unintelligible to me. The impression that I got was that he was saying something that was degrading to me, something about how I did not know anything about the night sky because if I did I would know that this was normal and that it happened. Since I wasn’t quite sure what he was saying I chose to let it pass and to go back inside. At this point the energy was building amongst the group. The fear was becoming more palpable. I was starting to get as afraid as everyone else. Soon the same guy that seemed to be rude to me ended up being the one who comforted me and let me know it was ok. I woke up feeling strangely comforted yet still a little afraid."

I should mention that I love astronomy and have a better -than -average knowledge about constellations and the night sky. I believe that this knowledge must have informed my subconscious concerning the way the stars were supposed to be positioned but I just dont know for sure. Either way I was well aware that something was amiss in that sky in my dreams.

Also I wanted to mention that I recently cut my hair in an effort to give it a chance to grow in its natural state. I did this 2 months ago and I have noticed that the dreams I have now are different than the ones I have before I did the big chop. I have been told that hair can act as an antennae for cosmic information but I did not know this before I cut my hair. I was just looking for something to understand what may have prompted they even more vivid state of my dreams. I have no idea about the validity of this idea but I can honestly say that my dreams have taken on a greater dimension and depth since I cut my hair.

So alright guys. If anyone comes along and is good at interpreting dreams please have at it. Feel free to drop any kind of comments about anything you wish. I like the idea of sharing insights with others.