Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weather Girl

omen n. A phenomenon supposed to portend good or evil; a prophetic sign

The hurricane is coming straight for....The Gulf Coast. I won't be directly affected but at some point the after effects of this hurricane could hit my city. I will, like other weatherphiles (is that a word?) stay glued to my television and Internet watching Mother Nature do her thing. I love looking at weather but I especially love the clash of ocean and wind that is a hurricane. It's elemental and exciting. Never doubt that I realize the seriousness of the threat to life and property and I always pray for the safety of the people more directly affected. But on an elemental level, on a primal basis, hurricanes are pure energy and amazing to watch. And this one, at this time, seems to match a kind of ferociousness that is going on inside me as well. I feel like I'm going through a major transformation, where shit is getting shifted, thrown about and destroyed but that whatever comes after it will be amazing. So this hurricane, this Gustav-named element of nature seems like an omen. No, I'm not a complete narcissist with a belief that the world (or the weather) shifts around me. I just sometimes look at events that happen outside for confirmation about what's going on inside. And just in case you're still skeptical, I can prove it to you. It doesn't always take some natural (or supernatural) event to let you know what's up. It ain't gotta be that deep. Here. Let me show you....

is what I woke up to this morning. My well-loved car has definitely been broken, thrown about and destroyed. Damn! So one way or another, in the material world or in the natural, something is telling me that some shit is definitely about to change.