Friday, October 1, 2010

The Countdown Begins: Day 30

I love the month of October. Usually the hellish heat of the South has faded and I can really get into the swing of Fall which is my favorite season.  There's another reason why I love October.....MY BIRTHDAY IS THIS MONTH, Halloween to be exact!!!! Some people hate their birthdays because it means that they're getting older, usually older than they ever wanted to be. Well I feel the exact opposite. I celebrate every year that I'm alive and I celebrate in grand style. That's why I'm planning to post once a day every day of this month just to keep a running countdown of this momentous occassion!

I don't know what this birthday has in store for me but I'm excited about it and I you guys to share in some of the excitement with me. I'll be posting original work, as well as random musings and whatever else strikes my fancy. Leave comments or email if there's anything you are interested in asking me or want to see me discuss. It's my birthday this month and I'm feeling adventurous!


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

That so funny... halloween must be double the fun. I enjoy my birthdays the older I get the more confident I get. Halloween is my absolute fave!