Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Observer Effect

I'm, uh, I'm, ahh, wondering about something. I'm curious about how the observer effect really works. I don't have alot of experience with exactly what the observer effect is. It's been defined this way:

The difference that is made to an activity or a person by it being observed

In physics, it has been proven that just the simple act of observing an organism changes the way it behaves. Since we humans are, on the material level, complicated biological organisms does that mean that we change when we are being watched? The obvious answer to that is yes, right? I mean, if you watch reality tv you know that organisms certainly act different when they are knowingly being observed. But does the same thing apply when you don't know you are being watched?

Here is a picture:

If you look at it long enough will I be changed because of it? I mean, you're observing me. Or does it have to be a live organism to be changed?

And another final, but perhaps much more important question is does the observing change the observer?

I ask the strangest questions sometimes, lol.


Happy New Year. I hope that all of what you need and more of what you want is yours this year and ever after. Always look up.


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I think so, I notice it a lot with children they may be doing something and once they notice you looking they either stop or lose their concentration....especially when they are conversing with imaginary friends.

As for me, as I get older I care less about others. I just stay in my flow and keep it going.